Is there anything as beautiful as Provence in late summer?  One can almost smell the soft frangrance of the lavender wafting in the August breeze.  The color and light one finds in the South of France is what has attracted artists to paint there for centuries.  The inspiration for the paintings below come from the region of Sault--just outside Avignon.  You can drive for days and never leave these purple fields. It is a feast for the eyes and a calming balm for the spirit.  Enjoy!

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Aspen and Birch Tree Art
Scent of Provence
48" x 48"
* Available in a print!

French Girl
24" x 24"

Summer in Provence
48" x 48"
* Available in a print!

Lavender Fields - France, Nestled in the Hills
Nestled in the Hills
30" x 24"

Provence Resplendent
36" x 36"
* Available in a print!

Lavender Summer II
48" x 36"


Lavender Fields    

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