I love to paint vibrant fields of red poppies!  There are few fields as colorful.  To see the red poppies, you must visit Italy or France in the springtime.  Everywhere you look, the countryside will be sprinkled with these beautiful wild flowers.  The paintings below are from places I have seen and loved from my travels to Europe.

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POppies and Daisies
Poppies and Daisies
18" x 36"
** Giclée print available

Poppy Paradise - Poppies Italian Landscapes by Tuscan Artist Jennifer Vranes
Poppy Paradise
48" x 48"
** Giclée print available

Tuscan Poppies - Tuscany, Italy
Tuscan Poppies
30" x 40"
** Giclée print available

Tuscan Meadow
30" x 60"
** Giclée print available

Poppy Fields in Tuscany, Italy
Hills of Chianti
48" x 48"

Tuscan Horizon
24" x 48"

Outside Sienna
48" x 48"

Poppies in May
48" x 48"

Poppies for Mother
48" x 48"

48" x 48"

Toscana Farm
48" x 48"

Wading through Poppies
24" x 24"

Poppy Fields in Italy

Poppy Field in Tiburon
Hills of Tiburon
48" x 48"

Tuscan Meadow IV
Tuscan Meadow IV
36" x 60"


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