There is something so romantic about a vineyard!  Haven't you ever wished you lived in an old stone villa overlooking rows of lush vines? Wouldn't that be the perfect life? Of course, the dream usually includes a handsome Italian somewhere in the mix!  Since I can't live on a vineyard, at least get to paint them!  I especially love it when the leaves turn those wonderous shades of reds, golds and oranges.  The vineyards below were inspired by various places throughout Europe and the Sonoma Valley of California. 

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Vineyard Gold
48" x 48"

Vineyards of Sonoma
24" x 36"

Road Well Traveled
48" x 48"

Heart of the Valley
32" x 48"

Walking Through Chardonnay
48" x 48"

Bold Vintage
24" x 48"


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