Jennifer Vranes Commission
"Provence in Panoramic"
6' x 10'
Commissioned by
Jim and Dana Bartimus

Jennifer Vranes Commission
"The Sacred Grove"
6' x 11'
Commissioned by
Matt and Kelly Follett

"The Window Box"
12" x 12"
Commissioned by Matt Crisci

WATCH a Video Here on the Commission Process


How to Commission a Painting

It’s so easy to do! If there is a painting you like from this website, that perhaps is no longer available, or one that you’d like in a different size, or maybe in different colors, you can order one specially made for you, directly from the artist! Jennifer Vranes loves doing commissions for her clients. It’s the best way for her to give you exactly what you're looking for.

Step one: Decide on the size of the painting you need

A. Where do you plan on hanging your new painting? Will you be moving some art and putting your new commission in its place? Is the new painting intended for a certain spot?

B. What size works best for you? Do you need a portrait or landscape orientation? Portrait is vertical where the art is taller than it is wide. Landscape is horizontal where the image is wider than it is tall. We have found that cutting a piece of paper or folding a sheet and pinning it to your wall will allow you to decide what the ideal size is for your space.

There is no size that she cannot do! Jennifer has been commissioned to paint even sizes up to 9' x 12'.  Size is no obstacle.

C. How much money do you plan to invest? Jennifer will do her best to work within your budget. Of course size does dictate the cost; however, first decide the perfect piece and then let us see just how inventive we can become in helping you commission your ideal painting or paintings.

Step two: Select what you love

A. You can browse through this website to view an extensive collection of Jennifer’s work. Don’t forget to visit the ‘Archives’ section. There you will find work that perhaps didn’t fit in the ‘landscape’ category, but is surprisingly unique and interesting.

B. Select one painting, or elements from several that catch your eye. You’ll know when you see it! Jennifer can paint you a special painting combining all the elements you like into one unique original!

C. After the details of the painting have been decided, a link will be sent to purchase via a secure online shopping cart.  All orders are placed using state-of-the-art encryption so your financial data is always secure.  Of course, you can always pay by check, and those details can be worked out with Jennifer.

Step three: Approving your commission

A. After about 4-5 weeks to complete, Jennifer will email you a picture of the finished painting for your approval. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! If there are any changes you would like made, this would be the time to do it! Jennifer is extremely easy to work with, and is happy to make any changes needed to ensure that the painting ordered is exactly what you envisioned for your space.

B. After the painting has been approved, Jennifer’s husband, Matt, will carefully box and ship the painting directly to you. Her husband takes his packing job very seriously. He ships all paintings via FedEx in custom made heavy-duty boxes (or crates) to insure your painting arrives in perfect condition! In only a few days you will be able to hang your new Vranes masterpiece on your wall for generations to enjoy!

And that’s it! Jennifer Vranes is ready to get started on your commission. All you need to decide on is what you would like her to paint! With her vibrant colors and unique style, you can’t help but choose the perfect piece that will bring together and enhance the colors of your room, thereby creating a space that speaks volumes of your interesting taste and personality.

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"Rogue Valley"
36" x 24"
Commissoined by
Brandon and Becky Hull

"On the Puget Sound"
24" x 36"
Commissioned by
Bill and Gail Hlavacek

"Wine Tasting"
24" x 36"
Commissioned by Gail Lizak

"Daisies in the Rough III"
12" x 12"
Commissioned by Josh Balling


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