The great thing about JensArt, is that it is a family owned and run business.   If you would like to talk to the artist, her number is 866-453-6727.  Chances are when you call, you will get either Matt or Jennifer on the phone.  And they couldn't be easier people to work with.  Matt’s good business sense and tech-savvy know-how, and Jennifer’s creative genius, make doing business with them both simple and lucrative. They know what the hottest new trends are in color and wall décor, and use this knowledge to keep Jennifer’s paintings fresh and marketable.

What makes “JensArt” different?

First of all, the paintings by Jennifer Vranes are some of the most unique and thrilling artwork in the industry! Her colors are vibrant and her texture uncommonly thick and expressive. She is definitely not your average landscape painter. Her style is distinctive, and completely fresh to the art market. Jennifer developed a new painting technique, called “Textures of Life,” that involves painting with extremely thick textures in just the right places. What is smooth or textured in life, has the same characteristics in her paintings. The sky or distant mountains, for example, would be flat and smooth, while the thick trunks of trees, or grasses in the foreground would have a real life-like texture. This dichotomy of textured versus smooth is what gives Jennifer’s paintings their distinctive three-dimensional effect. Her style is the perfect blend of traditional with a contemporary flair that you will find easily appeals to nearly every collector.

Second, Jennifer keeps her artwork affordable. She is no art snob when it comes to pricing. It is more important for her to have her paintings go into homes to be enjoyed by others (rather than hiding them in her studio, or having them hang for months in a Gallery!). And we know this is your desire as well. We like to keep the work fresh and exciting. Every couple of months you can count on offering your clientele new originals as well as two or three new limited edition releases. All JensArt Giclées are printed on canvas and are kept very exclusive with editions of only 50!  Each Giclée on canvas is heavily enhanced with a palette knife, and signed and numbered by the artist.

Third, we’re quick on fulfilling your orders! If you need more work, we get it to you fast! The website is a great tool to see what’s new and available. Just pick what you like from the online gallery pages, and we will ship it to you.  Matt does all the packing and shipping himself, and is an expert when it comes to shipping artwork intact.

JensArt also provides you with an incredible array of marketing tools to ensure your success! Full color brochures, over-sized postcards, a CD containing printable pages the artist bio, statement, and painting process are all part of the partnership. We also have DVD’s and video presentations showing Jennifer painting in the studio, and talking about her technique.  You will also be sent an impressive metal bound portfolio filled with 50+ pages of paintings for your clients to view and to order special commissions. There is never any commission too difficult for Jennifer to do! She is very flexible. She can do any size, paint with any colors, or do any subject matter your clients may wish. Jennifer is so easy to work with; collaborating with her on any project is a cinch! And she always makes sure your client is 100% satisfied with the result before shipment.

Join us! Have the paintings your clients will treasure for generations!  See how the unique landscape paintings of Jennifer Vranes will excite your clients, refresh your staff, and seriously enhance your bottom line.  We look forward to meeting you!  Email or call us toll free: 866-453-6727


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