The greatest compliment I ever received was from one of my Art Collectors.  I will never forget what he said about my work, "Your paintings make me happy. I can look at them over and over again, and feel uplifted." His compliment embodies my goal for creating Art. There is nothing more I want in this world than to bring joy to people through my work.

My inspiration comes from places I have fallen in love with from all over the world. Each painting I create is a reflection of where I long to be. In a world of growing uncertainty, it is important for me to provide the viewer a momentary escape from reality. In my work, I strive to incorporate the rare diamonds I see in nature and bottle them up for the whole world to stop and take notice.

The miracles of this world will never cease to amaze me. If I pick a poppy and experience its beauty, I can sense an essence so vast that it opens up a universe to me. I paint with colors and textures that seem to me just as beautiful as a poppy. The vibrant reds, cool blues, lush greens, and brilliant yellows, found most dominantly in my work, reflect an intense energy that is both positive and uplifting.

In essence, Art should rejuvenate the soul. It should uplift the heart and bring peace to the mind. This world is a beautiful place and it is my goal to bring to light the utopias I find most precious for the enjoyment of others.

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